What clients say about working with Sheila...

"Sheila presented a whole health pathway. I could make changes without an entire upheaval in my life...enjoyed immediate benefits and plan to continue this journey to wellness."
---Linda S.


"Thank you so much for introducing me to Ayurveda.  Your course has given me the tools I need to heal my body in a natural manner...My life is changing at a rapid pace and my health is getting so much better."
---Barb F.


"I learned all I needed to know as a beginner.  The pace was perfect."                                             
---Joe L.


"I was searching for health and discovered wholeness. For the first time I feel connected to myself, body, mind and spirit!"
---Melinda M.


"I have been practicing Primordial Sound Meditation for over two months...I find my everyday thoughts to be more focused and organized...I accept things with more patience and tolerance...I have inner peace and happiness that knows no boundaries. Thank you Sheila for your kind and loving guidance."
---Barb F.


"Sheila is a terrific teacher.  Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Do not fear...Sheila is here:)"
---Jen C.



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