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When was the last time you received the personal, non-judgemental, attention you deserve when you talked about your health and well-being?


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It’s rare
for anyone to get an hour to work on their life and health goals with a trained professional and rarer still to have that time be free from judgement. As a Holistic Coach, I create a supportive environment that will encourage you to accept yourself as you are right now, as well as set future goals that are aligned with your inner wisdom, get you feeling more comfortable in your skin, in charge of your life and more balanced in your health. With proven systems such as: nutritional psychology, integrative (mind/body) nutrition, traditional and holistic techniques, the Health At Every Size® philosophy, and practical lifestyle coaching methods in our toolbox we'll easily be able to guide you in discovering the approach that works best for you.

Most approaches
 to health focus only on diet and exercise; however that’s only about 25% of our overall health. This lopsided view can leave us feeling frustrated, and out of balance.

My approach is holistic so I see you as a whole person and look at all areas of your life and how they affect your well-being, fulfillment, purpose, and health. When you look at your life in this way it is often easy to see where you are stuck and why other approaches have not worked for you.

It makes sense to include the other 75%, doesn’t it?


What if you haven't failed?

Feeling great is simple but not always easy. Without the tools to connect to our own unique needs we spin our wheels trying one thing after another without the success we hope for. Our bodies are amazing because they are always communicating with us and letting us know what we need to feel our best. In fact, I believe that we ALL already know what is right for us.  The problem is that we have lost touch with our ability to listen and respond. My job is not to tell you what to do, not at all, I simply introduce you to yourself again and you begin to connect the dots for yourself. Then we work together to get you moving in that direction.   

So, what if you haven’t failed?       

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Know what it's like to live big? Me too!

It can mean going for it when no one thinks we can, making a difference, taking a risk, being part of the solution instead of the problem and getting up off of our built-in stadium cushion and getting into the game.

Wanna be healthy? Me too!
That's feeling the very best we can (at any age, shape or size) eating well, enjoying physical movement, making the best choices available and nourishing our body, mind and spirit.

Are you alive? Me too!
This is it...our life! Let's get out there and live it to the max,
grab every opportunity and make no excuses!

Let's do this...let's live our Big Healthy Life!

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