Meditation, Ayurveda and Yoga

Traditional techniques and philosophies
 have been used for thousands of years to improve health and can really ramp up our return to fulfillment, balance and well-being. It’s amazing how this can happen with just a few small shifts in our daily routine. My training in these techniques gives me an abundance of tools to help make your journey personal and customized. As an experienced guide I’ll help you to recognize what will benefit you and then show you how to use these tools in your everyday life in a way that is natural and enjoyable.


This practice helps those with stress, insomnia, high blood pressure and other wellness issues. It improves concentration, memory and creativity and it takes you deep inside to your true self, to who you really are, what you really want and what your purpose in life really is. This understanding will bring you to a place of ultimate fulfillment and happiness.


My classes are for everyone at any skill level. I offer variations to the poses so everyone is comfortable and supported no matter their experience level. I love introducing Yoga to people who think they can't do Yoga and having them leave with a new-found love for their bodies and a renewed connection between their body, mind and spirit.


Ayurveda is a 5000 year old system of health and wellness that focuses on creating and maintaining balance. We can learn to recognize when we have stepped out of balance by noticing how we feel and how we are interacting with the world. Then we can use the simple tools of this practice to quickly step back in. Living in balance allows us to be at our best every day and helps us avoid some of the common conditions, illnesses and signs of aging that plague our culture.

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